Four Outstanding Extensions for Improving your Conversion Rates of your Magento e-Store

In case you are looking for an extension to enhance your Magento store by adding new functionality, you can always find the extensions you need in the Magento Connect Marketplace. This is the place from where you can acquire the best possible extensions to compete with the larger eCommerce store. In case you are an existing company, these extensions can provide you an opportunities in new markets. The more extensions you have, the more trickier it is going to be to manage your store, since some extensions do have a tendency to clash. More often than not, 3rd party vendors are also slow to keep up with updates provided by Magento. Nevertheless, this article presents four extensions that will optimize your user experience.

1. PostCode Anywhere

PostCode Anywhere is a tidy addition to your Magento Store that can create a smooth checkout experience for the user. It comes with address auto completion and validation and replaces for the customer the tedious task to type of their address. The merchant is also benefited by the address validation, which will ensure that addresses are accurate. This in turn, will improve the overall business efficiency, as it ensures customers receive their parcels on time.

2. The Amasty Ajax Scroll

This extension from Amasty is an outstanding extension that replaces the Magento pagination feature by performing the auto-loading of the category products. The user does not need to click on ‘next’ to see the rest of the products set on other pages, but simply has to scroll to see the products. This extension is useful because all your products can be displayed by scrolling. The best or the more useful products are not hidden on the last few pages, where the customer never reaches. Thus, nearly every time, you are forced to slash your prices to offload your unsold inventory to desperately create more room for new stock. This extension is a great way to solve this issue.

3. Auto Add Free Promo Items

The Auto add Free Promo Items extensions from Amasty allows a free promo product into a customer’s shopping basket to create a pleasant surprise. Giving away a free product is a far more effective way of promoting your e-store than providing a big discount. This is a great way to keep basket abandonment low.

4. Customer Notes

Include a few notes about your customer every time your interact with them personally. Even though you are operating a virtual channel rather than the brick and mortar channel, it payts to know a few details about the customer, as you will have some background information (such as based on a previous interaction with them). This means that you really know your customers and understand them.

These four extensions will help you improve your conversion rates (CRO), so that you sell more using your online store. Lets hope you meet your goals and targets for the forthcoming year.

5 Outstanding Magento Connect Extensions For A Winning Business Strategy

Magento connect routinely features some of the best extensions in Magento Connect. These extensions truly help merchants improve their turn over and take their business to the next higher level. In this blog, I have selected some of the best Magento extensions for Magento Enterprise edition as well as Magento Community extensions. These are developed by reputed Magento industry partners and the independent Magento development community.

1. AOE Scheduler ( This extension comes in handy especially if you have problems with your cron job schedules. The AOE Scheduler extension allows you to manage your scheduler task easily.  This extension is backed with Magento’s expert consulting group’s recommendation.

2. One Page Checkout (IWD extensions): A long checkout process can result in abandoned shopping carts that are no good for your sales & marketing strategy, as well as your growth strategy. With this check out from Inter Web Design, all check out pages become simple and easy for all customers who can avoid backing out at the last second. This simple check out also makes it easy for merchants to increase the overall store conversion rate.

3. Learning Search Connect Extension (SLI systems): The makers of this extension believe that customers who search are customers who buy and return to your store to buy more. This extension helps visitors convert to customers with the help of their sure-fire methodology and an awesome solution.

4. Optimizely  (Blue Acorn): Optimizely, is an extension that is built by a winning team – Blue Acorn, which is a Gold solution partner and a Gold Industry partner., This extension makes it easy to track engagements, clicks, conversions, etc. and helps you to optimize your store effectively.

5.Yotpo (yotpo): Yotpo is an extension that can be seamlessly and easily integrated with Magento products, so that more customers can be driven to generate significantly more reviews. Thus, trustworthy product and service reviews will help convert undecided visitors into confident shoppers and significantly boost sales.

One Step Checkout Magento Stores – Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment Effectively

One step checkout is an extension that is available for your Magento Store. The main function of this extension is to simplify the checkout process of your Magento store with the sole purpose of improving the conversion process and reducing shopping cart abandonment. In case you are considering a one step checkout process for your Magento store, then “one step checkout” is a proven, well-renowned and safe choice.

Today, more than 12,000 merchants have selected this effective and robust  extension for their Magento Store. This extension comes as as rock-solid and well documented extension that has been thoroughly tested with provision of support in case merchants need it.

The one step conversion process is made by people who have worked exclusively with checkout and conversions, so that you get the possible best checkout product. The one step checkout feature or OSC is a total revamp of the standard checkout process that Magento offers. The core feature is that it reduces the six standard Magento checkout steps right down to one.

One of the reasons why people abandon shopping carts is due to lengthy or complicated checkouts. The products are abandoned because customers can simply go elsewhere to buy your products. Besides providing options such as sign-in checkout options for returning customers and guest registrations for those who do not want to complete transactions at that time, it is a good idea to offer one step checkout to reduce the lengthy checkouts.

The totals as well as the prices are dynamically updated via AJAX when the shipping or payment method is selected. The one step check out for Magento allows users to fill in their addresses and choose their delivery/payment methods on the same page. Rather than having to do a separate step for each.  Thus, more and more customers are able to complete the sales process, which has an immediate impact on your bottom line. Thus, a single page checkout is the single most effective technical change that you can make to reduce your shopping cart abandonment.

Introducing Solr Search – The Next Generation Search Plugin for Websites!

When it comes to website search, not all websites perform as expected. This constantly reminds us that there is something missing when it comes to search. Thus, no developer should take search lightly while building a website or application. Search is no longer a Google game any more. We now have a Java Library called Lucene which was built into the Apache ecosystem. Then, Solr was built on top of it leading to Solr search.

Solr search is the latest enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene Project. Pronounced “solar”, its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, near real time indexing, dynamic clustering,database integration, rich document handling and geospatial search. As a fast open source Java search server, it is possible to easily create search engines which search websites, databases, and even files.

Developed as a plugin at the Scholar’s lab at the University of Virginia Library, it is designed to replace the default Omeka database search mechanism. The fact that Solr is highly reliable, scalable, and fault tolerant, helps it provide distributed indexing, replication and load-balancing querying, automated fail-over and recover, centralized configuration, and a lot more. As a standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like API, it allows you to index documents via XML, JSON, CSV, or binary over HTTP. It can then be queried via HTTP GET and receive XML, JSON, CSV, or binary search results. Some of the features of SOLR search are:

  • Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities
  • Optimization for High Volume Web Traffic
  • Standards Based Open Interfaces – XML, JSON and HTTP
  • Real-time indexing
  • Flexible and Adaptable with XML configuration
  • Extensible Plugin Architecture

Written in Java, and capable of running as a standalone full-text search server within a servlet container such as Jetty. This search extension uses the Lucene Java search library at its core for full text indexing as well as search. It also has a REST-like HTTP/XML and JSON APIs that make it easy to use from virtually any programming language. Additionally, Solr has a powerful external configuration that allows it to be tailored to almost any type of application without Java coding. Additionally, it has an extensive plug-in architecture where a more advanced customization is required.

Today, Solr is an extremely popular search tool and it has become a much sought after tool to power the search the navigation features of a large number of internet sites across the world.To integrate Solr search with your Magento store, please contact us or call us on 1-(248)-275-1202

Magento and Responsive Web Design – A Winning Combination

Responsive web design is the latest concept in web design that is being increasingly adapted by Magento web designers. To give readers a brief recap on responsive web design, Responsive Wed Design, as it is popularly known as, enhances user experience by building an adaptable web page for multiple platforms. This technology is causing a revolution across the world, since, people now use other gadgets such as tablets, smart phones, and other devices in addition to the PC to surf the web and view websites.

In fact, the use of the PC to surf the web is now decreasing, while mobile traffic is increasing at an incredible rate. According to a recent survey by a reputed research company Smart Insights, mobile data traffic is now expected to increase 26 fold by 2015. The present scenario is such that there has been a greater user fragmentation over mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets. This situation has caused a serious headache and a deeper problem for web developers. Responsive web design provides an affordable as well as intuitive solution to this problem.

As most readers will agree, Magento has proved to be the backbone of of most eCommerce websites today. According to most users, Magento ‘s ability to respond to Responsive Wed Design is the prime reason why this unique platform has beaten the others in the Responsive Wed Design market. Today, Magento website designing has created its own special place in the designing field. The best part is that Magento can be made responsive with the help of designing. Making Magento more responsive with the help of designing makes your site earn more customers and achieve better future results.

Making Magento more responsive with designing will help you to earn more customers and also achieve better future results. Responsive design affects the entire layout,such as videos, images, and the text amount that can be viewed on one page. The advantage is that you can design one single website for these gadgets rather than designing a website for each individual gadget. This reduces the designing costs by a great deal, saving a considerable amount of money during the designing stage itself.

A Magneto website that has been made more responsive, makes it highly adaptable and gives its users the convenience of accessing information even from remote areas. For the customer, it really does not matter what device they are using for viewing the website, as the website will be able to completely fit into the format. When you utilize responsive web design, the URL never or hardly ever varies.

The same URL will display a similar site with the same content, graphics as well as video on every device that it is being loaded. This is an added advantage of creating a Magento responsive website. Additionally, a Magento Responsive Wed Design website can also focus on targeting multiple channels so that they can target their brand across different market segments. With Responsive Wed Design, you can also focus on the SEO aspect for your Magento website. With Responsive Wed Design, it is also easier for you to publish content just once on your website as they are easier to maintain.

Any change made at one platform can easily be seen on other devices. This additionally means that your Magento website will be able to generate more revenue, as responsive websites attract higher traffic. This is due to the ability to access websites in far off locations. In 2012, Google’s data showed that 14% of all data came from websites, 7% from tablets, while 79% via desktops. Your brand can thus obtain a collective benefit of all these sources.

These steps taken to include Responsive Wed Design for Magento will make your website more trendy and useful. According to a Morgan Stanley Report, it is predicted that Responsive Wed Design will be the driving force defining the future of the Internet. It is also predicted that mobile web browsing will overtake desktop usage by 2015. The global business scenario is adapting to Responsive Wed Design in a big way now, given the many benefits behind this initiative.

Reasons as to Why Should You Hire a pro Magento Designer?

Whether you are planning to design the website by your own or going to hire a pro to get the job done deeply influences the success of your website. To design the website by your own you must have ample amount of knowledge about designing, Javascript, Html etc… to ensure smooth functioning of your website. Else, there are plethora of companies and freelance Magento designers that you can hire.

Magento is a calibrated feature-rich ecommerce platform that puts the control back into the hands of online vendors without hindering your business process. If you want to take your site to the next level, don’t settle down for a basic theme hire Magento Designer India and get your Magento store customized. A pro designer has in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of website designing and also very well understands the importance of having a good-looking, informative and easily navigable website.

A Magento designer is equipped with more customization power, which implies that you are at ease of updating the feel and look of your store as per its category and level of product, giving you more versatility in marketing. They have extensive knowledge and experience in developing mission critical Magento websites and Magento applications.

Magento Expert Info takes pride in its offerings that include full spectrum web design & web development services. Our Magento designers are highly skilled and have stupendous experience in handling ecommerce website designing projects for a scale of business statures. They love Magento and are passionate about what they do. Our Magento designers strive for nothing but the best and induce their creativity and ingenuity in every project they undertake.

We take care of every possible aspect of web design and development including security, search engine optimization, and clean & operational source code. Hence, we assure you your business success with our proficient Magento Design and development services. We facilitate the e-commerce development services based on Magento to our clients at competitive rates.

Hiring Magento Developers for Bespoke Magento Development

Magento developers offer top-notch Magento development services. They build custom-made ecommerce solution that is pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible, W3C validated with clean table less codes. With years of hands-on experience in the niche they offer solutions that are search engine and user friendly.

With the steep rise in the demand for Magento, there are numerous companies offering bespoke Magento development services to its client across the globe. Such outsourcing companies offer flexible Magento developers hiring schemes. You can hire them on hourly, weekly or monthly basis depending upon the complexity and budget of your project. Such flexible hiring schemes reap you great benefits as without any additional overheads of manpower or infrastructure you can easily extend your in-house development capacity for a specified period. You virtually manage the resources and allocate work to them. Also, you can easily communicate with your hired dedicated resource via any of the chosen modes instant messaging/email/skype/phone etc.

Magento has gained immense popularity and has a huge fan following due the following reasons. Being open source you need not have to pay any licensing fee for installing Magento. Also the huge support community of Magento introduces new features and extensions helping you boost your business.

Magento is a complete ecommerce solution and comprises of all the features that are essential to meet the modern day requirements of owners and customers. Features like catalogue management, one page checkout, order tracking and management, promotion options and such helps you take your business to next level.

Hiring Magento Designers India

Are you worried about your Magento stores performance? Is your website not getting the visibility on search engines? The best way to overcome this problem is by customizing or redesigning your current store. If you want your Ecom­merce store to have and aes­thetically blissful, crisp and usability-focused design, you can definitely count on us.

At Magento Expert, we have an elite team of expert Magento Designers who specializes in designing dynamic Magento theme/template design. Being professionals we practice the best industry standards as to offer our clients unique and reliable solution at unbelievable prices. We design Magento Shopping Carts that are as impressive as they are functional. It is due to the hard work and commitment of our designers that we have been able to establish sustainable relationships with our clients.

Our Magento designers are capable of carving out the templates and themes that are clean, modern and easier to handle with respect to other e-commerce solutions.  We aim to design ecommerce websites that are not only good-looking but also help build brand awareness that accumulates for repetitive business. We believe that your Magento website is the corporate identity of your business and help you convey it with clarity.

Our highly dedicated and experienced team of Magento designers and developers on board provide bespoke services Magento development services using state-of-art technology to accomplish the need of our clients effectively. You can hire an individual Magento Designer or a dedicated team of Magento Designers from India

So, what are you waiting for add a dash of panache to your online Magento store by hiring professional Magento Designers India.

Benefits of Hiring Magento Experts from India

Are you new to the world of ecommerce and online business?  Looking out for a robust and reliable ecommerce platform that lets you create an online store for your business at affordable price. Well, then you should definitely go for Magento, as this platform has proved to be boon for online business.

To ensure peace of mind and to make your Magento store success online, it is advisable to hire professional Magento experts from India. There are numerous benefits of hiring Magento experts India rather than outsourcing it somewhere else.

The major advantage of hiring Magento developers from India is that the labor cost is quite low here. You can either hire an individual or a team of Magento Developers for your project at competitive rates.

As client what you are going to get is valued, cross-browser compatible, W3C validated, clean and table-less code for your store.  This way by hiring Indian Magento experts you can get the same quality work done for your store whilst saving few more bucks.

Yet another advantage is that Indian companies offer flexible hiring developer packages. You can hire them on full time, part time or hourly basis for a period short or long.

Also hiring professionals for your project ensures that your project is in safe hands and will be designed using the latest tools and technologies giving you an edge over your competitors.

With so many benefits offered by Indian Magento experts I’m sure it’s a good decision for anyone who wants to get his Magento store designed and developed within time and budget. Also in case you are already running an online store and want to hire developers for your customization or integration needs Magento experts India won’t disappoint you. Finally it is up to you as to whom you want to outsource your project.

Magento Experts – Your Magento Development Solution Partner

Are looking for Magento experts who can help you set up and running your online business? Are you looking for Magento professionals who can help improve your visibility online? Then, there are several outsourcing web development solution companies and freelance Magento developers who can help you out.

Now a day, more and more people prefer outsourcing Magento experts for development and customization of their online store, installation, module development, extension development and integration, payment gateway integration and more. They create dynamic, interactive and highly optimized website to help you reach out to your target audience. Their flexible, unswerving and excellent services assure you of their first-class works and help several clients flourish their business.

The in-depth knowledge and expertise of these web developers prove to be of great help whenever problems regarding the functioning of your website arise. This way you can ensure that your requirements are dealt with in the best possible manner allowing you to concentrate completely on ways of promoting your business, its products and services.

Magento experts along with the merchants give customers an outstanding shopping experience. They are a precious asset to both their company and their clients as well. A Magento expert acts as your solution partner in carving your success story on internet.