Magento and Responsive Web Design – A Winning Combination

Responsive web design is the latest concept in web design that is being increasingly adapted by Magento web designers. To give readers a brief recap on responsive web design, Responsive Wed Design, as it is popularly known as, enhances user experience by building an adaptable web page for multiple platforms. This technology is causing a revolution across the world, since, people now use other gadgets such as tablets, smart phones, and other devices in addition to the PC to surf the web and view websites.

In fact, the use of the PC to surf the web is now decreasing, while mobile traffic is increasing at an incredible rate. According to a recent survey by a reputed research company Smart Insights, mobile data traffic is now expected to increase 26 fold by 2015. The present scenario is such that there has been a greater user fragmentation over mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets. This situation has caused a serious headache and a deeper problem for web developers. Responsive web design provides an affordable as well as intuitive solution to this problem.

As most readers will agree, Magento has proved to be the backbone of of most eCommerce websites today. According to most users, Magento ‘s ability to respond to Responsive Wed Design is the prime reason why this unique platform has beaten the others in the Responsive Wed Design market. Today, Magento website designing has created its own special place in the designing field. The best part is that Magento can be made responsive with the help of designing. Making Magento more responsive with the help of designing makes your site earn more customers and achieve better future results.

Making Magento more responsive with designing will help you to earn more customers and also achieve better future results. Responsive design affects the entire layout,such as videos, images, and the text amount that can be viewed on one page. The advantage is that you can design one single website for these gadgets rather than designing a website for each individual gadget. This reduces the designing costs by a great deal, saving a considerable amount of money during the designing stage itself.

A Magneto website that has been made more responsive, makes it highly adaptable and gives its users the convenience of accessing information even from remote areas. For the customer, it really does not matter what device they are using for viewing the website, as the website will be able to completely fit into the format. When you utilize responsive web design, the URL never or hardly ever varies.

The same URL will display a similar site with the same content, graphics as well as video on every device that it is being loaded. This is an added advantage of creating a Magento responsive website. Additionally, a Magento Responsive Wed Design website can also focus on targeting multiple channels so that they can target their brand across different market segments. With Responsive Wed Design, you can also focus on the SEO aspect for your Magento website. With Responsive Wed Design, it is also easier for you to publish content just once on your website as they are easier to maintain.

Any change made at one platform can easily be seen on other devices. This additionally means that your Magento website will be able to generate more revenue, as responsive websites attract higher traffic. This is due to the ability to access websites in far off locations. In 2012, Google’s data showed that 14% of all data came from websites, 7% from tablets, while 79% via desktops. Your brand can thus obtain a collective benefit of all these sources.

These steps taken to include Responsive Wed Design for Magento will make your website more trendy and useful. According to a Morgan Stanley Report, it is predicted that Responsive Wed Design will be the driving force defining the future of the Internet. It is also predicted that mobile web browsing will overtake desktop usage by 2015. The global business scenario is adapting to Responsive Wed Design in a big way now, given the many benefits behind this initiative.

Reasons as to Why Should You Hire a pro Magento Designer?

Whether you are planning to design the website by your own or going to hire a pro to get the job done deeply influences the success of your website. To design the website by your own you must have ample amount of knowledge about designing, Javascript, Html etc… to ensure smooth functioning of your website. Else, there are plethora of companies and freelance Magento designers that you can hire.

Magento is a calibrated feature-rich ecommerce platform that puts the control back into the hands of online vendors without hindering your business process. If you want to take your site to the next level, don’t settle down for a basic theme hire Magento Designer India and get your Magento store customized. A pro designer has in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of website designing and also very well understands the importance of having a good-looking, informative and easily navigable website.

A Magento designer is equipped with more customization power, which implies that you are at ease of updating the feel and look of your store as per its category and level of product, giving you more versatility in marketing. They have extensive knowledge and experience in developing mission critical Magento websites and Magento applications.

Magento Expert Info takes pride in its offerings that include full spectrum web design & web development services. Our Magento designers are highly skilled and have stupendous experience in handling ecommerce website designing projects for a scale of business statures. They love Magento and are passionate about what they do. Our Magento designers strive for nothing but the best and induce their creativity and ingenuity in every project they undertake.

We take care of every possible aspect of web design and development including security, search engine optimization, and clean & operational source code. Hence, we assure you your business success with our proficient Magento Design and development services. We facilitate the e-commerce development services based on Magento to our clients at competitive rates.

Hiring Magento Designers India

Are you worried about your Magento stores performance? Is your website not getting the visibility on search engines? The best way to overcome this problem is by customizing or redesigning your current store. If you want your Ecom­merce store to have and aes­thetically blissful, crisp and usability-focused design, you can definitely count on us.

At Magento Expert, we have an elite team of expert Magento Designers who specializes in designing dynamic Magento theme/template design. Being professionals we practice the best industry standards as to offer our clients unique and reliable solution at unbelievable prices. We design Magento Shopping Carts that are as impressive as they are functional. It is due to the hard work and commitment of our designers that we have been able to establish sustainable relationships with our clients.

Our Magento designers are capable of carving out the templates and themes that are clean, modern and easier to handle with respect to other e-commerce solutions.  We aim to design ecommerce websites that are not only good-looking but also help build brand awareness that accumulates for repetitive business. We believe that your Magento website is the corporate identity of your business and help you convey it with clarity.

Our highly dedicated and experienced team of Magento designers and developers on board provide bespoke services Magento development services using state-of-art technology to accomplish the need of our clients effectively. You can hire an individual Magento Designer or a dedicated team of Magento Designers from India

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